Memories to Last a Lifetime

Create lasting memories at Boulder Creek Ranch, a luxury rustic indoor/outdoor event venue with all the amenities centered between rolling pastures that frame a crystal clear fishing lake.

  • Weddings/Receptions
  • Corporate Employee/
    Customer Events
  • Children’s and Family Events
  • Holiday and Life Event Parties
  • Guys’/Girls’ Nights
  • Sports Parties

Experience Boulder Creek Ranch

Boulder Creek Ranch, located less than 30 minutes east of Wichita, is nestled on 154 private acres of land. The impressive venue’s cabin is equipped with a commercial-grade kitchen, two bedrooms that will sleep five guests and three bathrooms. The unique and versatile property is ideal for hosting a range of events, from an intimate weekend getaway to a corporate retreat or a lavish outdoor wedding with 250 guests.

The Outdoor Lover’s Dream

Nature helped create our paradise for guests to enjoy. Outdoor lovers can spend time swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, building sandcastles on the beach, swaying in the breeze on a giant tree swing or toasting that perfect marshmallow at the campfire all while admiring a painted sunset. The cabin features a large breezeway that enables guests to still be outside even when the weather is not cooperating. There is something about Boulder Creek Ranch that lights the evening sky on fire!

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Our Property Features

  • 154-acres
  • Crystal-clear rock quarry lake fully stocked
  • Private sand beach
  • Fishing dock
  • Tree swing
  • Stone campfire ring and wood
  • Field and roadside parking
  • Large, covered breezeway
  • Gated property
Event And Wedding Venue At Boulder Creek Ranch In Kansas 4

Our Venue Amenities

  • Sleeping quarters for up to five guests
  • Three bathrooms (one full and two half)
  • Full commercial-grade kitchen, fully equipped with a double oven, two extra-large refrigerators, an electric cooktop with warmer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a coffee pot, cookware, utensils and more
  • The latest technology such as high-speed Wi-Fi, Bose surround sound and big-screen TVs
  • Electrical hookups for live bands
  • RV hookups
  • Tables and chairs
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Fun Facts

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    The Rock Quarry History
    • The original rock quarry was mined from 1945-1949 by the San-Ore Construction Company, headquartered out of McPherson, Kansas, to supply all base rock for the original Highway 96 construction project.
    • A total of 380,000 tons of KDOT-approved rock was excavated, crushed, sized and delivered for the highway construction project. Highway 96 was eventually replaced by Highway 400.
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    Finding Hidden Rock Boulders
    • We studied a 75-year old KDOT report from the original quarry operator and learned about a three-foot layer of rock that did not pass minimum KDOT density testing. Before we purchased the property, we suspected a large stockpile of rock boulders was hidden under the topsoil.
    • While studying geography around the lake, we determined the most likely location for the stockpile. A mini-excavator was brought in to do some exploratory digging, and we realized that our hunch was absolutely correct… we found the stockpile.
    • The mining contractor had removed the non-compliant layer of rock, stockpiled it on one side of the quarry and covered it with topsoil after completion of the highway project. Seventy-five years later, we found thousands of limestone boulders in this location.
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    Our Name Inspiration
    • According to KDOT records, the rejected layer of rock weighed a total of 20,000 tons. We brought in a fleet of heavy equipment for four months to excavate the boulders and build all of the landscape beds and borders you see around the property.
    • Every rock boulder you see is native to the property. Thousands more remain uncovered, and we’ll use them for future landscape projects. The rock discovery gave us inspiration for the name of our property, Boulder Creek Ranch!
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    Fish Variety
    • Very large channel catfish are numerous at Boulder Creek Ranch. Catfish between 15-20 pounds are routinely caught here. We have been feeding them high-protein fish food twice a day for six years, so they eat really well!
    • Boulder Creek Ranch has the only lake in the state of Kansas that’s fully stocked with ultra-rare and exotic albino catfish! You’ll have a good chance of catching one of these rare and crazy-looking catfish as we stocked all 250-remaining fish from the only albino breeder in the Midwest.
    • In 2018, a non-verified state record bluegill was caught at Boulder Creek Ranch. We didn’t know it was a record until after we released it! This beast measured 11.75 inches long, weighed 2.6 pounds and still lives in our lake! Wonder how big he is now?
    • In Fall 2019, a 7-pound largemouth bass was caught in the lake and released. This was the largest bass caught to date at Boulder Creek Ranch. Many other 5 to 6-pound largemouth have been caught and released here since 2019.
    • In Summer 2021, we stocked 200 smallmouth bass in our lake for some added variety and excitement.
    • Largemouth and smallmouth bass, white and black crappie, channel catfish, albino channel catfish, bluegill, hybrid bluegill, redear sunfish and green sunfish are regularly caught species of fish at Boulder Creek Ranch.
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    Fish Feeding
    • The fish feeders go off twice a day. Be sure and ask about current times as we do adjust them throughout the year!
    • When the feeders go off, grab your fishing poles, bobbers and bait, and hang on! During calm days, you’ll see hundreds of channel catfish up to 25 pounds coming up to eat! Warning: Do NOT leave your pole unattended… there’s a good chance it will go swimming.
    • We feed our fish a custom-blended organic high-protein fish feed twice a day from three separate feeding stations. With this formula, our fish gain 50 percent body weight for every pound of fish food consumed.
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    Aquatic Ecosystem
    • We stock our lake annually to maintain a healthy balance of baitfish to trophy fish. Every year, we release 100,000+ baitfish in our lake, mostly a combination of high-protein fathead minnows, golden shiner minnows, shad, bluegill and crawdads.
    • We maintain our fish food chain at the microscopic level by treating the lake five to six times annually with an all-natural fertilizer blend. This promotes healthy phytoplankton blooms, which solidifies the base of our aquatic ecosystem.
    • Phytoplankton blooms create microscopic food for newly hatched fish. Zooplankton, tiny swimming creatures that also feed on phytoplankton, thrive during the bloom and create even more food for hatchlings, promoting faster growth and higher survival rates.
    • In an effort to increase reproductive success with our fish, we reduce turtle populations by trapping, maintain oxygen aerators around the lake, selectively remove small aggressive bass, and maintain spawning discs and beds around the lake.
    • The spawning discs, roughly 2-feet in diameter and installed 3 to 4-inches off the bottom, serve as an ideal surface for baitfish to lay their eggs. The bluegill and shiner minnows disperse their eggs on the surface, while the fathead minnows stick their eggs on the bottom.
    • By focusing on the bottom of the food chain with phytoplankton, zooplankton and small baitfish, we are able to sustain high growth rates each year at the very top of the food chain with our bass, crappie and catfish.
    • The fish were stunted and small when we bought this property in 2014. With all the ecosystem improvements that we have made, we are able to clearly see the results and fish size increases across the board every year.
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    Fish Structure
    • Artificial structure is sunk around all of the aerator heads (three on the north side and three on the south side) for easy locating. Try jigging and retrieving above the structure for frequent catches.
    • A fish structure map is mounted under the breezeway. The red dots represent artificial trees (5-feet tall and 6-feet wide), and the blue dots represent artificial shrubs (3-feet tall and 4-feet wide). The highest concentrations of fish will be located in these areas.

"We've been to a few different events at Boulder Creek, and all were perfect! The ambiance is the perfect combination of elegant yet cozy, away from it all, but you feel right at home. We've enjoyed with just adults, and with bringing the whole family. Our kids LOVE getting to swim and fish in the lake, and the adults always enjoy a beverage in the dream kitchen or around the firepit. Whatever event you're needing, Boulder Creek will make it beautiful, relaxing, and FUN! "

Mandi H.

"We have attended several events at Boulder Creek Ranch and have been so impressed each time! It is a rustic, peaceful setting without losing the updated amenities and comfortable lodging. It is obvious that the owners have put their hearts into every personal touch!"

Lauren D.

Available Packages

In addition to the below packages and time or guest options, we have countless features available to personalize each experience. If your non-wedding/reception event needs to accommodate more than 100 people, please contact us about pricing and logistics!

Boulder Creek Ranch WeddingEvent Venue Package Kansas
Wedding/Reception Package

Wedding/Reception Package

Base Package:

$3,800 (includes up to 250 people)

  • One overnight stay included
  • Table and chair accommodations
  • Additional cleaning fee: $200

Desire for a more intimate, or private wedding ceremony/reception (includes up to 50 people) or an elopement:

Contact Us for Details

Boulder Creek Ranch Large Event Venue Package Kansas
Large Event Package

Large Event Package

Ideal for corporate events, employee appreciation events, team building events, family reunions, sports team parties, retirement parties, graduation parties, going away parties, and military “Welcome Home” parties!

Base Package:

$1,000 (includes up to 100 people)

  • Table and chair accommodations
  • Discounted overnight stay options available
  • Additional cleaning fee: $100

Contact Us for Details

Boulder Creek Ranch Small Event Venue Package Kansas
Small Private Event Package

Small Private Event Package

Perfect for guys’/girls’ nights, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties and holiday parties!

Base Package:

$350 (includes up to 50 people)

  • Table and chair accommodations
  • Discounted overnight stay options available
  • Additional cleaning fee: $100

Contact Us for Details

Airbnb Stay

Airbnb Stay

Book your stay at Boulder Creek Ranch – The perfect family getaway!

Our cabin is sure to suit your needs with our commercial grade kitchen, luxurious lounge and cozy bedroom lodging.

Our lake, which includes a private beach, fishing privileges, and both boating & kayaking availability is perfect for a great outdoor experience.



Book Your Stay Here

Our Picturesque Location

Located outside Leon, Kansas, Boulder Creek Ranch is less than 30 minutes east of Wichita, easily accessible from Highway 400. The indoor/outdoor venue and parking area are located right off the main road, and there is convenient roadside and field parking for overflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the FAQs and answers below. If you have any additional questions, you may contact us through the website.

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    Reservations and Payment
    How do I reserve Boulder Creek Ranch for my event?

    To reserve your desired date, you will need to secure the date with the venue manager, complete a contract and submit your deposit. This can all be done electronically, as we accept QuickBooks online and PayPal payments. We also accept mailed payments such as, cashier’s checks, money orders, or check can be sent to Boulder Creek Ranch, PO Box 1115, El Dorado, KS 67042.

    How much is the deposit, and when is it due?

    To secure your desired date, a 50 percent deposit is due upon signing the contract. Without a deposit, your desired date(s) cannot be secured.

    Is my deposit refundable?

    All deposits are non-refundable.

    When is my final payment due?

    Your final payment is due 30 days before your event. If final payment is not received by the due date, your reserved date(s) will no longer be secured.

    How many hours do I get?
    • For single-day rentals, you get 12 hours, from noon to midnight.
    • For multi-day rentals, the venue is available from noon on the first day until midnight on the final day.
    • For full-weekend rentals, the venue is open to you from Friday at noon until Sunday morning at 11 am. This includes time for set-up, take-down and your event.
    • If the day prior is available, we can arrange to open up earlier; however, this is not a guarantee.
    Are wedding rehearsals included?

    Rehearsal time is included in the two-day rental and weekend rentals. For single-day rentals, we suggest rehearsing off-site prior to the day of your event, or the rehearsal dinner could be on a weekday earlier in the week with a “small private event” package. The best way to guarantee access the day before for the rehearsal and decorating is with the two-day or full weekend rental.

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    Set Up and Decor
    What kind of settings are available?

    Our venue is set up for many outdoor arrangement options, such as overlooking the lake, beachside or golden waving pasture, as well as an oversized breezeway framing either the sun setting or rising (depending on the time of the day). No matter what area you choose, we believe the property has some of the most stunning views around.

    Can I come early to decorate?

    You are allowed access to the cabin when your contracted time starts. If you need to be in the day before for any reason, you will need to reserve the venue for a two-day or full weekend rental.

    Will Boulder Creek Ranch staff help set up?

    You are responsible for decorating for the event. Boulder Creek Ranch personnel will provide the set-up of tables and chairs but ask guests to wipe the tables/chairs down immediately following their event. Boulder Creek Ranch will not be held responsible for anything left at the ranch after your event. All decorations and personal belongings should be removed prior to your contract time expiring.

    What types of tables and chairs are available?
    • Eight 72-inch white round tables
    • Twenty-four 96-inch by 30-inch white rectangle tables
    • Two-hundred-and-forty white folding chairs
    Do you provide linens, tableware, etc.?

    Not currently.

    Can celebratory rice or confetti be thrown?

    No. We ask that you use a nature-friendly alternative. Suggestions are bubbles, dried lavender or dried hibiscus. All other requests must be approved by the venue manager.

    Do you have a private room for meeting or getting ready?

    Yes, we have a private room that is utilized for corporate meetings or bridal parties to get ready. Decorated in rustic glam, the spacious room is equipped with oversized mirrors, a gown or coat closet, a fridge, comfy couches, Bose surround sound, a big-screen TV, an ice machine and a beautiful antler chandelier for picture-perfect backdrops.

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    Food and Beverage
    Is the ranch equipped with a full kitchen?

    Yes, the kitchen is a fully functional kitchen with a double oven, a four-burner electric cooktop with warmer, a double sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, a coffee pot, cookware, utensils and not one but two extra-large refrigerators.

    Can I use any vendors I like?

    Yes, you can bring in any vendor you would like. The caterer and bartenders must be licensed and insured, and a copy of their license and insurance will need to be included in your Boulder Creek Ranch paperwork.

    What is your alcohol policy?
    • If you want to serve alcohol at your event, you must hire a licensed and insured bartending company. Your Boulder Creek Ranch manager will work with you or your representative to create your custom alcohol package that MUST be purchased through Brewski Barn, located at 1220 N. Main St. in El Dorado, KS. You will receive special discounts for your event!
    • Brewski Barn personnel will deliver your drink package to Boulder Creek Ranch prior to your event. Order arrangements will need to be made 30 days in advance.
    • NO glassware or glass bottles (except for wedding party champagne) are allowed. If broken glass is found, a $500 clean-up fee will be added to any final charges.​
    What about drinkware/dinnerware?

    NO glassware or bottles may be used at any time. We allow plastic and aluminum only.

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    How many beds are available?

    Following the spiral staircase upstairs, you will find two bedrooms, one with a queen-size bed and one with three twin-size beds. For the teenager or friend who is not as picky, the three oversized couches are also pretty comfy.

    Are there any lodging options close by?
    • Holiday Inn Express: 3100 W. El Dorado Ave, El Dorado, KS 67042 | (316) 322-7275
    • Historic Beaumont Hotel: 11651 S.E. Main St., Beaumont, KS 67012 | (620) 843-2422
    • Comfort Inn: 517 W. 7th, Augusta, KS 67010 | (316) 260-3006
    • Holiday Inn Express East Wichita I35: 600 S. Allen St., Andover, KS 67002 | (316) 265-8080
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    Swimming and Fishing
    Do children need to wear a lifejacket while swimming or on the watercraft?

    Absolutely, yes. See Venue Guidelines in your proposal for additional details.

    Is a lifeguard provided?

    No, guests will swim at their own risks.

    Can we keep the fish we catch?

    Yes! However, like any great fishing hole, we do have guidelines and limits. Please see posted signage.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Boulder Creek Ranch! If you have any questions or would like to provide a review or feedback, please complete the form below.